Anna M

I love this place! I have been going to the location in Fontana now for about 3 months. Awesome service and great quality food. My entire family enjoys it. We especially love the buy 1 get 1 free coupons. Helps us save during these tough gas times. Keep up the good work.

Steve E

Great food. I went to the location in Fontana. awesome food at a wonderful price. I recommend this place to all.

Ken H

I first came across this restaurant from their ad in the PennySaver. Now I am a loyal customer. Food is great the Al Pastor and Asada burrito is what I usually order.


I went grocery shopping to Stater Brothers recently and I saw a coupon on the back of my receipt for your restaurant. I decided to take advantage of the coupon and try your restaurant so I ordered to take home. I was very pleased with the service of the gentleman at the counter and the young boy bussing tables. The food was very delicious. Today, My fiance and I were conducting business at Wells Fargo and since we were in the shopping center, I convinced him not to get his usual meal at Alberto’s and try this great restaurant instead. I ordered the #38-Chicano plate. My date requested the Vallarta quesadilla. He said he wanted to try the chile verde, but for now he would only get the quesadilla and he would see if he was still hungry. Our waitress assumed I could not order for myself, I suppose, because she took his order only. I am happy I tried a piece of his quesadilla because I was never served. I reached across to his side of the table for a napkin because I suddenly felt a sneeze coming and I accidentally spilled my water. Nobody noticed so I told one of the waitresses so she can wipe the floor before anyone slipped and she did not offer me another glass of water. So I sat and watched him eat this quesadilla that tasted very good although it hardly had any cheese for being called a quesadilla. I would consider it more like a giant taco in a flour tortilla. The quesadilla actually filled him up. As for me….I had to stop at Alberto’s. I think your waitresses need to get better customer service training from the little boy or the gentleman that works at the counter sometimes. they should repeat the order to make sure they understood correctly and not assume that men make all decisions and women cannot make choices and order what they want to eat. Thanks.

Tony Anderson

My Wife and I had dinner at El Chilitos last night and the food,and service was top notch we will be back and will share our experience with our friends family and co workers.


I went to your restaurant for the first time yesterday. I loved the food. My only suggestion is having the nutrition information. I’m counting calories and couldn’t for the life in me find that information even on your web site. If this information was available I would definitely give you 5 stars.